Opencell team holding awards and certificates from an annual global event.

An award-winning business model

Opencell has been recognised for outstanding innovation in the creation of a viable small cell business case by leading international technology organisation, the Small Cell Forum. Selected above other the finalists Nokia and Huawei, the Opencell team are particularly proud to win this award above such rightly renowned industry giants.

Presented on the final evening of the annual global event, SCWS World, Opencell’s CEO Graham Payne and co-founder Paul Graham were there to collect the award. Graham Payne comments, “After spending three days speaking with and listening to all the major influencers of the small cell market it was a real honour to be recognised for one of the forums key missions: the development of a truly scalable business model for small cell technology.”

Small cells are increasingly understood as the technology that will enable denser, more interoperable mobile signal connectivity, whether it be 3G, 4G or 5G. But like all infrastructure enabling technology, the routes to market are blocked by alternative solutions, product option proliferation and competitive providers.

With two key focuses: multi-operator and indoor, Opencell have pioneered a mobile connectivity solution that the UK enterprise market is willing pay for, and that all four mobile signal providers trust them to deliver. Graham Payne elaborates, “Opencell exists because my co-founders and I had been working in the Telecoms industry long enough to understand that an independent indoor signal provider was what needed to bring a multi-operator mobile signal solution to a connectivity-hungry enterprise market.”

Awarded in the same week that Opencell signed its 100th customer site, this accolade validates one of Opencell’s key ambitions: to develop a business model that is truly a win/win for all interested parties. A grown-up start-up, Opencell is disruptive in intent, but collaborative with existing organisations and institutions to enable more live, multi-operator in-building signal solutions in the UK than anyone else, and then anywhere else in the world.

Graham Payne adds, “We want to encourage meaningful deployment competition through an intrinsically replicable business model for large scale small cell deployment in both the UK and other areas around the world. With so many enterprise advantages, including the limited space and time required to deploy, the Opencell small cell solution has meaningful global growth potential in a world where mobile connectivity is increasingly a must-have service wherever people live, work and play.”


Opencell has been recognised for outstanding innovation in the creation of a viable small cell business case

29 June 2018