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Partner to all four UK mobile network providers, StrattoOpencell can make sure that you’ve got network. As long as your building has over 5,000 sq ft in floor space, we can help.

Our radio signal surveys will identify problem areas in your premises and highlight the best solution to bring network indoors. Best of all, if you proceed with a contract, we’ll refund the cost of the survey. Register your interest using the form below.

From slow data speeds to dropped calls, a lack of mobile signal is a huge inconvenience in commercial, residential and public environments. Whether you’re a business owner, hotelier, landlord or involved in public sector services – your visitors, guests and tenants expect a reliable indoor signal.

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How big is 5,000 square feet?

A tennis court is
2,100 sq ft in size
An average Aldi
supermarket is 20,000 sq ft
A football pitch is a
massive 75,000 sq ft

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Once you've filled out the form above, we'll contact you with an indicative price for your all-inclusive managed mobile service. If you decide to proceed, we'll arrange a full radio signal survey of your site, and using the results, we'll create a final service proposal and contract.

The cost of the survey will be refunded if you sign a service agreement and the project commences.

Surveys available from £750, depending on the size of your site(s).