Large wooden spinning roulette from the casino with table behind it.

Central London Casino

An exclusive casino in central London, with a discerning and internationally connected client base, needed a 3G solution for their building. The casino was losing opportunities with their customers as they frequently needed to leave the venue to make and receive phone calls – often they wouldn’t return.

The OpenCell team met with management to discuss the specific needs of the business and conducted a survey of the entire building. Following this, they were provided with a fully design solution and a pricing plan that was competitive and bespoke to them.

Within the month, OpenCell had provided the backhaul, which connects the Femto cells to the operators.

Finally the Femto cells, which provide the 3G signal to the casinos’s customers were installed. OpenCell ensured they were fitted around their needs, with no close of business.

The casino are extremely happy with the high quality and reliable service provided throughout the whole process.

11 May 2017