How the growth in agile working is supporting better connectivity


The way many of us work has changed. The co-working boom and the gig economy of freelancers and independent contractors continues to rise year on year. In the UK, the increase is happening both in major cities and increasingly also boosting local economies.

At the same time, an estimated 94% of adults in the UK are now using mobile devices, while business landline use is rapidly declining. In response, workspace providers are seeking more flexible, tech-enabled buildings to both attract tenants and retain them for longer.

Last week, our CEO Richard Bourne spoke at the annual Bisnow London State of the Market meet-up. He shared examples of digital connectivity becoming an increasingly undeniable ingredient to real estate success, particularly in offices and workspaces.

He acknowledged that ensuring a seamless digital experience within any building has historically been a challenge. However, our flexible workspace customer portfolio shows that there are two key things developers and landlords can now do to expedite connectivity in their buildings:


  1. Plan for connectivity from the outset

Unfortunately, not many building owners plan for connectivity early enough. As a result, they end up fixing the problem after the fit-out stage. This can be far more costly and inconvenient for everyone involved.

In contrast, most of our 70+ co-working customer sites were connected before they opened, ensuring a carrier-grade indoor mobile experience from day one of any tenancy. Now, we’re seeing them budget for the cost of mobile connectivity from the earliest possible stage of development.

Equally we’re increasingly seeing landlords ‘baking’ in-building coverage into the base building specification. Once it’s a core service, the cost is covered through the building service charge.


  1. Invest in sustainable, adaptable mobile infrastructure

Early adopters of any type of technology are often at risk of investing more than those who wait for the innovation cycle to slow down. To protect our customers, we offer mobile connectivity infrastructure design, installation and support as an end to end managed service.

All of our flexible workspace customers have connected multiple sites, safe in the knowledge that technology improvements and maintenance are factored into monthly service costs.


If you’d like to connect your buildings as early as possible, why not book a consultative indoor mobile connectivity survey today?


22 November 2019