Diagram explaining a multi-operator system for a indoor mobile solution.

Inside the Indoor Mobile Signal Challenge

How? Funnily enough, it’s not a question we get asked as often as you’d expect. It’s probably because as soon as we start talking about radio frequency mapping, distributed antennas and small cells – most people’s eyes start to glaze over. Similarly, poor indoor mobile signal has, until recently, been accepted as normal. But expectations are changing, and through our industry-disrupting business model we’ve become the world’s most successful in-building neutral host infrastructure provider.

Sounds dull? Yes. But if you’re interested in the UK’s 5G future, smart building infrastructure and secure, carrier-grade, indoor mobile connectivity then bear with us, and we’ll explain.

Before we launched our service, there were only a handful of sites in the UK that had all four mobile network operators (MNOs) servicing them directly. And this is true in many other markets around the world.

Until now, this has been both understandable and to many, acceptable, as the MNOs are competitors first, so it isn’t in their interests to provide connectivity for each other except in unique, high footfall structures like entertainment venues.

However, market demands have changed and it’s increasingly unacceptable to endure a mobile signal dead zone, particularly in workspace, leisure, residential or public service buildings. So, we launched our service – simultaneously creating a way for building owners, landlords or tenants to solve the problem, while extending all four MNOs’ service indoors, at their high standards.

Using predominately small cell technology (which will, in time, enable 5G connectivity both indoors and outdoors) we use a shared design, installation, cabling, IP infrastructure and backhaul model. Our common management platform monitors the service 24/7, and our dedicated engineers resolve any faults to greater than 99% service levels. With over 130 customers, 100 live multi-operator networks and 2,000 live small cells to date – this is what makes us the world’s largest in-building neutral host infrastructure provider.

For years many telecommunications experts have lauded neutral host infrastructure models as the best way forward for UK mobile connectivity. And as the infrastructure grows to support the UK’s digital future – 5G networks, smarter urban buildings, a connected countryside – we’re proud to be the first to consistently bring all four UK MNO services to any kind of building, and we’re excited to know that we’re pioneering the way in the world of in-building neutral host connectivity.

25 January 2019