Photo of a city with marked places and network lines between them.

Intelligent buildings are antennas

Intelligent, smart – your building will be neither unless it’s an antenna first.

Intelligent buildings: billed as the construction macro trend to end all others. So many of the developers, landlords, estate agents, M&E and building maintenance experts we work with are being asked for advice. After all, real estate is an expensive business and everyone wants to know how to future-proof their building.

As an enterprise full of radio frequency engineers, Opencell have a particular way of looking at the Intelligent building debate. Currently, we are seeing too much of a focus on device-led, fancy-app solutions that, though exciting and full of promise, are actually distractions at the earliest stage of smart building construction.

Instead we’re advocating for more building owners and developers to think of their buildings as antennas. Now stick with us and we’ll explain!

Regardless of which wifi-system, IoT platforms or smart devices a tenant or building operator eventually implements or needs to cater for, the frequency requirement to connect your building will remain the same. As the main constant in a very fragmented and commoditised marketplace, we’ve seen that the correct cabling at the right stage of development future-proofs buildings and enables owners to upgrade their connectivity solutions with greater ease and less cost.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your smart building an antenna, or ask broader questions about Intelligent building connectivity, we regularly host lunch and learns session with a variety of partners and industry experts. Email to register your interest for the next lunch.

23 June 2017