We’re part of the Freshwave Group


The UK digital infrastructure market has an exciting new player with the launch of the Freshwave Group. Acquired by Digital Colony between August 2018 and June 2019, the Freshwave Group comprises us, iWireless Solutions and Spyder Facilities. The Group unites their expertise and customer portfolios with significant capital.

With 5000+ mast site locations, 2000+ connected buildings and 200+ outdoor networks supported, they already serve a significant portfolio of customers.

The Group is headed up by CEO Simon Frumkin who has worked in leadership positions at UK mobile operators including EE, Orange and T-Mobile for over 20 years.

Focused on solving similar network challenges outdoors as well as indoors, the Freshwave Group’s shared vision is to make digital infrastructure remarkably simple. Each division of the business is led by a team of experts focused on indoor, outdoor and mast digital infrastructure.

Underlining its aim of boosting UK digital connectivity where people live, work and play, the Freshwave Group commissioned research by technology specialists CCS Insight. The research report, Enterprise Connectivity Matters, explored the value of digital connectivity to medium and large UK companies.

The research found that 97% cent of companies surveyed experience mobile signal issues in the office, with 67% experiencing problems every day. And 39% of respondents said that they will invest in improving mobile signal in their offices within the next two years, while another 49% are considering the investment.

Request a full copy of the Enterprise Connectivity Matters research report here.

28 January 2020