Women speaking on the telephone near a building

Wi-Fi vs an Indoor Mobile Signal Service

As we embrace our technology-focused lifestyles, from smartphones, smartwatches and even smartshoes (yes you read that right) to high-tech homes and offices, we are often challenged: how important is traditional mobile signal really going to be in the near future?

Especially with Wi-Fi available almost everywhere these days. From shopping centres and conference centres through to holiday parks. The general population is using Wi-Fi at a considerable rate. Ofcom found that the average household used approximately 190gb per month in 2017, compared to 132gb in 2016. Two years later and we can only assume this figure has grown significantly.

Beyond the home, offices also heavily rely on Wi-Fi, using their own secure networks to enable employees to work more efficiently. The newest working environments, coworking sites from the likes of our friends at WeWork, Workspace and Fora, are especially renowned for their focus on providing the best digital tech setups for their communities.

Ranging from hot-desking opportunities for a single freelancer to permanent offices for an established business of 50+ employees, there’s also access to common areas, lounges, cafés and bookable meeting rooms. That’s a lot of square footage and multiple walls for an external mobile signal to penetrate.

So, we’re seeing first hand that in spaces like these indoor mobile signal and Wi-Fi are no longer pitted against each other, but instead, are viewed as complimentary technology services. With employees constantly moving around, coming in and out of the building and hosting meetings with many external clients, the capacity, connectivity, mobility and quality of Wi-Fi is challenged.

Not only does reliable indoor mobile network signal allow for the choice between Wi-Fi and mobile data, but it also ensures that secure, carrier-grade phone calls can be made in any corner of the connected building, even in underground spaces.

These same benefits are also being enjoyed in the public spaces of the hotels, hospitals and care homes we have connected.

Wherever fixed-line or Wi-Fi connectivity falls short, we’ll make sure you’ve got network.

22 February 2019